Monday, September 28, 2009

Debunking the Health Care Crisis

Dental Care:


Homelessness and Hope:

Did you know that HCA Emergency Rooms offer a 70% Discount on your Emergency Room bill upon discharge?

Your bill- $1500.00

Your bill after the 70% discount - $450.00

HCA hospitals in Tennessee are Stonecrest, Horizon, Centennial, Southern Hills, Summit, to name a few...

"Bridges to Care links uninsured residents of Davidson County to a network of low-cost community clinics that charge for service’s based on the patient’s ability to pay. The Bridges to Care network includes an array of primary care providers, dental care providers, mental health providers, substance abuse providers, referrals to specialty care, access to prescription medications, and transportation to medical appointments."

"Bridges to Care links uninsured residents of Davidson County to a network of primary health, mental health, substance abuse, and dental clinics that serve patients based on their ability to pay. Through Bridges to Care, you can find a clinic that is best for you based on location, hours, language, and charges. Here you will also find information about specialty care, state sponsored health insurance, mental health and substance abuse care, prescription medicines, and transportation. Our goal is to ensure that you have the necessary information to find the health care services you need."

I don't have time to flesh this out and insert my observations as a Registered Nurse...But the first link will take you a list of dentists whom offer their services at a significant discount figured with a sliding scale according to your income...The second link takes you to Bridges to Care which is a nonprofit organization which directs uninsured Tennesseans to PCP's, medical care, and aid to other ailments/conditions such as Alcoholism and Substance Abuse.

I do not advocate socialized medicine. I am against Tenncare and I see the abuses of it every shift I work in the Emergency Room.
Giving free healthcare, cell phones, food, does not empower gives them a sense of 'entitlement' which cripples the American ideals of self reliance and the pioneer spirit which made our country great. It is a factor in the negative cycle of abuse. The Federal Government is not the answer. Obama is not our Savior. Local communities, private individuals. churches, and charities can help feed and clothe the poor, teach them a trade, and aid the sick.

The future of America depends on the basic ideals presented in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. We must Decentralize the Federal Government, make responsible decisions for ourselves and our families, and abandon our current policies of being the World Police...

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Eric Potter said...

Thank you for your work on this. Don't forget how Saint Thomas never refuses anyone. Our hospital is 100% access to those in need already.