Wednesday, September 9, 2009

American Hyperinflation

The above video is part one of four from a discussion/meetup a couple of weeks ago... The other video posts can easily be found on Youtube by typing 'American Hyperinflation' or by looking at all posts by TNSONSOFLIBERTY.

I challenge you to watch all four videos and ignore my shoddy camera skills...

We have educational/discussion groups approximately once a month in Nashville...Contact me if you are interested in attending..The atmosphere is relaxed, non judgemental, and we meet in a spirit of liberty, friendship, and fellowship with hopes of a making a positive difference.

Did I mention that I have free New American Magazines and Alternative Media DVD's available when you attend the discussion group?

Stay tuned for more information on Money, Hyperinflation, Andrew Jackson, and my first attempt at making a documentary...

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