Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Townhall Meetings

The SEIU and ACORN are Obama's hired thugs and protestors...Look at what playing the race card and crashing our economy on purpose has caused...Nobody wants Gubment Healthcare..Nobody wants to pay for $4500 dollars for someone dumb enough to go in debt to get a brand new bailout car which they will be upside down in and forgoe the payment in a couple of months.. Nobody wants to bailout private companies and banks..Bush and Obama are the same guy..Just two different faces with the same elitist globalists in the background pulling their strings!

Can't stand FOXNEWS/FAUXNEWS but the above segment sums up the a story about a concerned father and his handicapped son...

Obama the Corporate Media's Sacred Cow portrayed as the Joker:


Insulting Americans on Corporate Media Outlets:

Specter is an idiot:

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