Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Destruction of the Gender Roles and the Myth of Feminism

Check it out..Feminism..Abortion..Eugenics.. Women's Rights..

It was all packaged and sold to you to destroy the basic family unit.. To break up society..To gain more taxes by supposedly empowering women to work.

Look at the increasing amount of transgender, lesbian, gender confused females

Look at the family unit...

Why do 15 year old babysitters at some daycare raise 30 children for 8-10 hours a day for minimum wage while you slave away for the next ipod or Summer Vacation or GMC Suburban?

I am not some insane right wing 'woman's place is in the kitchen kind of guy'. I am just pointing out that the issues and ideals that supposedly liberate women end up crippling them and destroying their gender identity and psyche..

I understand having to pay the bills...And doing whatever it takes to make ends meet...I just hate to people get bogged down in debt and chase after things that give no real value or pleasure..

It is time to reconsider our lives and the family unit.

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