Thursday, July 16, 2009

What YOU can do to make a difference for your Country and for future Americans!

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Fortunate Son

I encourage everyone who loves their family, their country, and the Constitution to get involved in the ‘Truth Movement’ or ‘Information Revolution’ somehow…

1. GET EDUCATED: Read ‘The Real Lincoln’ by Thoms Dilorenzo, ‘The Revolution’ by Ron Paul, ‘1984′ by George Orwell, The Constitution/Declaration of Independence/Bill of Rights, ‘The Fourth Turning’ by Strauss and Howe.

WATCH: Obama Deception, Moneymasters, 9/11 Loose Change, Freedom to Fascism, Endgame

Get your news from alternative sources such as,,,, . Compare new stories on television which are sensational or just made up with an actual source on internet.

2. GET INVOLVED: Join or or find a group on…read some blogs or start one’s easy just go to

3. FLIER YOUR LOCAL CITY/STATE- Pass out burned dvds, fliers with main ideals and bullet points, make bumper stickers

4. CALL YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE/CONGRESSMAN- link can be found on TNSONSOFLIBERTY.BLOGSPOT.COM to find out who represents you and your city…

5. HOST SMALL DISCUSSION GROUPS- have small educational/discussion groups in your homes and garages…just like the Original Sons of Liberty! The common man, like me and you, are the ones who guaranteed our Constitutional Freedoms and who founded our great Nation!!!


IF you are in Tennessee and would like to join our educational groups holler at me through my blog…where you will find my contact info!

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