Friday, July 24, 2009

The UN wants to control your kids and take your guns!{96190840-EC3B-4A5E-80EE-9719625B62A5}

Attention! All rational Tennesseans who have children and know how to secure your guns. The United Nations thinks your STUPID! Please read the above link to see how the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child will strip you of your gun rights.

"“The spread of small arms creates a serious global problem and requires an equally urgent response because the lives and futures of children are at stake. These weapons have extinguished more young lives than they have protected.” – Carol Bellamy, Executive Director, UNICEF"

Join me on 8/13/09 to learn more about Parental Rights and the United Nations! I will have free DVD's, magazines, and free refreshments! (see flier for details)

AUGUST 13th 2009




A Family Event at the Bellevue Red Caboose Park

Tennessean, Local Pediatrician, and the TN Director of, Eric Potter will give a presentation explaining the United Nation's intrusion on your God given rights to parent your children as you see fit.

Free DVD's and magazines will be handed out by fellow concerned parents from Nashville and the surrounding area. Make some new friends and enjoy the large park, actual train caboose, and the old Demoss Log Cabin.

United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child has already caused:

Mandatory Sex Education at age 4 in the Netherlands!

Parents are not allowed to check their own children's email in Japan

'Physical Punishment' and 'Timeouts' are illegal in Sweden

Bellevue Red Caboose Park 656 Colic Jeanne Rd. Nashville, TN 37201

Dr. Eric Potter: 615-714-0002 WWW.PARENTALRIGHTS.ORG



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