Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Council on Foreign Relations

What is the Council on Foreign Relations? Why are Americans a part of a global group which encourages America to decrease their individual rights and Sovereignty in order to make the rest of the world a safer place? Should American Citizens and especially politicians be able to join elitist global groups and councils and still be expected to serve in the best interest of the American Citizens? No man can serve two masters the Bible says. Both Mccain and Obama are CFR members, so was VP Dick Cheney and Daddy Bush. Daddy Bush even declared in a speech the need for a 'New World Order'.

I ask anyone who stumbles across this blog to please follow the links and do the research for yourself. If you would like more information please come to one our of education/discussion groups or email me your contact info and I will mail you some free DVD's about pressing issues in America.

Do the above four videos sound the same to you? What happened to change and transparency and hope for America that Obama promised? Obama and Daddy Bush sound a lot alike. Obama has continued the Bush Family policies and the dissolving of our American Borders, American Sovereignty, and blatant disregard of the Constitution.

This guy though...sounds totally different:

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