Friday, June 19, 2009

Mad dash to Fascism..censorship and intimidation by the Fed. Govt.

A Federal Grand Jury is attempting to subpoena information from a Las Vegas Review Journal...specifically the identities and personal information (such as address and credit card number) of online anonymous commentor's on a recent story they published...That's right...Freedom is Speech is being torn from our collective vocal chords

Read the above link... Here are some highlights:

"Free speech collides with fair trial. Review-Journal readers who posted online their views about a federal criminal tax trial are the target of a sweeping federal grand jury subpoena asking for information so that authorities may identify who they are and where they live."

"Many used the newspaper Web site to say the U.S. government has turned socialist, the nation's monetary system encourages deficit spending and guarantees inflation, or the Internal Revenue Service has to be reformed or abolished. In addition to requesting the names of people who posted, the subpoena also tells the newspaper to supply the writers' gender, birth date, physical address, telephone number, Internet service provider, IP address, credit card numbers and more."

The controversial comments the Federal Govt. wants to censor stem from this story:

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