Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Email about Cap n Trade

As you all know this bill passed the house Friday. What you may not know is that most congressmen
didn't even get a chance to read the bill! Like so much garbage legislation such as the "Patriot Act"
it was rushed to the floor an hour before the scheduled vote.


Something else you might not know. The democrats would NOT have been able to pass this
without the support of 8 republicans.


This means we need to make sure our two GOP senators are fully aware of the stakes and know
that WE know the stakes of the horrid bill. I have called both the D.C. and Nashville offices for
Alexander and Corker and I urge you to do the same.


Let them know we don't want what happened to Spain to happen to America where "cap and
trade" has helped lead to 20 percent unemployment.


Let them know that the founder of the weather channel has called global warming the "biggest
hoax in human history" and is suing Al Gore for fraud.



Alexander's office did say he was against the bill. I've heard Corker on the Phil Valentine show state
that he favored a "compromise" on the issue. (A carbon tax to be "given to the people" or some such
nonsense.) I told his office I had heard those statements and that a compromise on this issue is

Both of our GOP senators voted for the 2008 bailout. I either of them vote for this bill let them not
be able to say it was because the didn't hear their constituents' opposition to it.


John M. Drake

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