Monday, June 8, 2009

Financial Terrorists

While listening to the madness that is the Chrysler/GM bailout/moneypit/ Fed. Govt. seizing of private business...The term Financial Terrorist popped into my head. That is exactly what these guys are doing. They are running our economy into the ground. They are devaluing our dollar. A group of Chinese students just heehawed over Timothy Geithner's assurances that the American Dollar was a fit and sound investment...They ensure your with their teleprompter fed blurbs that if something is not done this minute then the four riders of the Apocalypse will appear and America will disintegrate...They scare you along with their bedfellows the media (ABC,CNN, and FOX) into more taxes, more redistribution of wealth, and less civil liberties in the name of protecting National Security and Financial Stability.

Our choice of words and verbage we use have power...Call them what they really are....Financial Terrorists!

Here are some relevant links: (link to Moneymasters film)

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