Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Couch Rant!

I was just sitting on the couch half listening to the Rachel Maddow show and some political expert was on talking about-
Backing off Judge Sotomayor...Remaking the Republican Party to be more inclusive... Not being too aggressive with the Sotomayor comments so it doesn't offend the potential Hispanic Vote and hurt the Republican Party... (his words paraphrased)
For God's sake! Have some balls, America! Say what you mean, and mean what you say! If you say it, don't back down and apologize and go to therapy...This is what's wrong with America! Have some backbone, stand up for what you believe, and who gives a shit if it offensive or politically correct!

And who gives a crap about the Republican Party! The PARTY!?! What about the American People! Let's focus on them, the hard working people who keep our society going...by showing up to work, paying taxes, taking their kid's to soccer practice, volunteering at schools or in the community...IF you haven't noticed by now..BOTH PARTIES ARE CORRUPT...IT'S LIKE A TWO HEADED MONSTER...Mccain wouldn't have done any better...He wanted to tax people who actually had a healthcare plan..So let me get this straight..Mccain had the bright idea to tax people who were responsible and paid monthly for healthcare for their family...punish them for their success... and take the hardworking American people's money and reward failure...i.e. those who depend on the Federal Govt. to take care of them...

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