Saturday, June 27, 2009


I thought Obama was going to end the War, reduce taxes and return money to the little man and tax the rich? Let's see...So far we've closed Guantanamo Bay with no plan...contemplated housing potential terrorists in the USA and giving them Miranda Rights, continued and increased monetary funds and troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan, sent unmanned robot drones to Pakistan and has been bombing them, bailed out private companies with public taxpayer dollars, fired the GM boss, told private businesses how much they can pay their CEO'S, threatened to take over the Health care system, went on a World Apology Tour and bowed to a Saudi King, released documents regarding the profiling of conservative white Americans as Domestic Terrorists and now this weird power grab called Cap and Trade... Here are some links and video explaining the bill:

Obama admits that electricity rates will skyrocket due to cap and trade:

Obama admits he plans to bankrupt the coal industry:

Rep. Michele Bachmann tells the truth about Cap and trade:

This is absolute lunacy! The foundations of America: our economy, our independence, our sovereignty, our God given rights to freedom and liberty are being DESTROYED right before our eyes!

I want to people to wake up to what's going on...I will send you a copy of:

9/11 Loose Change
Obama Deception
Global Warming or Global Governance?

Email me at TNSONSOFLIBERTY@COMCAST.NET if interested in a FREE DVD...or show up at the 7/2/09 Tea Party in Nashville, TN and look for the protest sign that says "RESTORE STATE SOVEREIGNTY" or "WE'RE THE GOOD GUYS"...I will be handing out fliers and DVD's while they last...

I don't want your money, I don't want to make a profit off of these dvd's or the blog or the discussion groups...I just want America restored to the vision and wisdom proposed and declared by the Constitution...

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