Friday, June 19, 2009

Call these clowns!

Attached is a copy from an email I received from Campaign for Liberty....

Subject: HR1207 and S604
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You are all aware of our work on the Audit the Fed petitions that are near completion for delivery to Corker, Alexander, and Tanners offices, but you may not be aware that there is a national grass roots calling and letter writing campaign targeting our same efforts. This week happens to be targeting Bob Corkers office. Below is information I received concerning this effort.

Dear Friends and Family,

Nation Wide Call-a-Thon this week is to Bob Corkers' offices in support of S. 604... PLEASE PASS THIS ON! Attachment as well. Please share with all your contacts.

If we want co sponsorship for S. 604 in the Senate like it's companion bill we had for H.R.1207 (224) in the house we are going to have to let them hear US ALL.

Letter addressed to me after respectfully asking my/your U.S. Senator to Co Sponsor S. 604, The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act of 2009. The bill: It's asking for Honesty or Transparency, that's what they are claiming they want. Well here is a bill just for that purpose.

Corker says he "believes" and "understands" like me. Does he? Like me, that's funny. He did not mention co sponsoring this bill. Why? He is a member of the (CFR) Council on Foreign Relations. The Federal Reserve enters into agreements with foreign central banks using YOUR money with NO oversight, NONE! An Audit of the Federal Reserve would disclose disturbing information concerning the Privately owned, for profit, non-Federal - Federal Reserve.

Please Contact U.S. Senators office Bob Corker and respectfully ask him to co sponsor S.604.

U.S. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee

Corker Jackson Office: 731-424-9655

Corker Memphis Office: 901-683-1910

Corker Nashville Office: 615-279-8125

Corker D.C. Office: 202-224-3344

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