Monday, June 1, 2009

Bible Burning as interpreted by the US Army..This can't be good for morale

Soldiers in Afghanistan are now having their property confiscated and destroyed...

Surely it is some detrimental contraband such as heroin or crack cocaine?

Actually Big Brother is now in the Bible Burning Business. There are confirmed reports of Bibles written in the native languages of Afghanistan villages/tribes being destroyed so we don't make anyone "UNCOMFORTABLE". In a time of rampant political correctness, gay marriage, reverse racism, and bailouts for private businesses funded by public taxpayer dollars...The Army is focused on censorship of the Bible..Give the soldiers a BREAK! Every day they are putting their lives on the line in the insane Endless War and if an American Soldier feels convicted to share the gospel then why should He or She be stopped? Or at least respect the soldier and their belief and store his literature somewhere until discharge!!! Don't destroy a book that many American citizens hold sacred and which inspired the liberty and freedoms of our great Country! And you gotta ask yourself..What the hell is Al Jazeera doing in an Army establishment taking video!?!


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