Wednesday, June 24, 2009

9/11 Loose Change Film

I have seen this film. It is disturbing, fascinating, and present a multitude of views. It interviews man on the street, paramedics, police officers, scientists, and politicians...It presents a lot of information not covered by the Mainstream Media. Recently, Glenn Beck publicly compared supporters of the 9/11 Loose Change Film to the lone disturbed gunmen at the Holocaust Museum and stated that 9/11 Truth Movement supporters wanted to destroy America.

I ask you to simply watch the film and decide for yourself. Do the research for yourself. You owe yourself the truth. Do not allow someone else to decide it for you. Seek out the truth on all issues for yourself. I have a link on the main page of this blog to view 9/11 Loose Change. If you attend the 7/2/09 Tea Party in Nashville TN at Legislative Plaza I will be handing out free copies of the film. If you attend one of our discussion groups I have a couple of "Alternative Media" DVD's that I would share with you. Sometimes, a movie is a great avenue to reach people and hold their attention....Most people I talk to are just too busy to read a book or research current events for themselves.

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