Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recent Letter I wrote sums up TNSOL vision

Thank you for your email. I started this around the time of the Nashville Tea Party as a response to an out of control Federal Government full of bailouts, stimulus packages, and endless wars. My vision of the Tennessee Sons of Liberty is multifaceted. It started as an idea, basically to express myself and feel like I have a voice... After talking with a few friends we decided we would have small meetings or discussion groups with topics such as: American Early History, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and current events. I went on to create a blog with a mix of facts and humor from a conservative libertarian perspective..

Lately, I have been try to spread the word and ideals of TNSONSOFLIBERTY.BLOGSPOT.COM through networking and advertising. We have a facebook and myspace account and I am working on meeting other like minded individuals to see exactly how to get our message out there. I met a couple of people from Campaign for Liberty and also work with Barry Donegan, who is running for City Councilman in Nashville, TN (links on my blog to both)

First and foremost, TSOL is an educational group and a meeting of friends. I did not create all of this to make a profit. I have a full time job and a I work on this in my spare time. If anyone chose to donate to our group it would strictly be used on educational material costs... such as handing our fliers or dvd's at protests or in your local area. The American Revolution was started by normal citizens who were fed up with a Tyrannical Govt..and I do believe we can make a difference...

I will continue to work on blogs and essays and provide links to interesting stories. I also continue to educate myself about Early American History such as the Civil War and teachings of the Declaration of Independence and why it was written... I encourage you to do the same.. We are not high class intellectuals or a militant group we are normal/average working class citizens with families and a desire for the truth...

I imagine the TSOL as four divisions:

1. Small Groups- These meet in people's homes and garages and are family friendly. We can discuss viewpoints, share information, exchange contact information, and watch a movie. From the homes, the meetings could move to a park or public place such as a coffee shop to allow more individuals to come who might be intimidated in a stranger's home... The small discussion groups is the core of TSOL and it is were you experience fellowship and inspiration and reassurance that your not crazy when you disagree with bailing out Californian or Endless War with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan..

2. "Street Teams" - This would be a group of people willing to help advertise TSOL with bumper stickers, fliers, etc... Fliers could be placed in local grocery or gas station or book store.. Fliers could be handed out to neighborhoods or downtown. Stickers could be handed out or placed on a supporter's car for all Nashvillians to see... I have enjoyed Endgame and Obama Deception (two films by Alex Jones)...we could possibly distribute these at protest/rallies to get people thinking..

3. Electronic Media - This group could maintain or create a more compelling/Myspace or Facebook page and help network through or contribute videos to your youtube page..I am not the most gifted when it comes to technology so perhaps someone out there could contribute

4. Protest Group- These would be individuals willing to attend Tea Parties or pass out fliers in front of the Federal Reserve. The protest group and street team kinda go hand in hand.. but some people are more willing to pass out fliers in their neighborhood vs. trekking downtown and attending a Protest.

I believe the best advertising is word of mouth. I would appreciate you telling your friends or family about could send them a link or write down the email address for them... I will continue to work on the blog for the month of June but with no scheduled meetings until July..I would love to have a public meeting in July at a park or coffee shop...hopefully of 10-20 people... OR to have a 2nd Tea Party on July 3rd or July 4th downtown...but I am not sure of how to organize something like that (permits, cost, etc...) I have spoke with a couple of fellow bloggers, ex media, and budding political figures who would also like to speak at our small group meetings...

If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know... We are just getting started...

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