Friday, May 8, 2009


I think this is a picture of one of Obama's financial advisors...Oh wait..that's Tim Geithner, America's Secretary of Treasury..

Bush fired the first shot towards economic suicide with the 700 BILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT 9-2008

Obama came up with a 787 BILLION DOLLAR STIMULUS PACKAGE 2-2009 (Still trying to figure out how ACORN -a non-profit activist group- has received 53 million dollars since 1994 and stands to receive a measly 3 billion dollars from this stimulus package)


Obama's does some number crunching and tightens his belt..saving 17 BILLION DOLLARS from the Federal Budget. (Nevermind it calls for cutting the Public Safety Officers' Death Benefits Program from $110 million to $60 million)

Let's put things in perspective. There are twelve zeros in a trillion. Surely, someone in Obama's cabinet who has a pulse and half of a brain realizes that you can't print money that isn't backed up by anything of value (such as gold) and use newly printed fake money to stimulate an economy based on debt. Also, who will pay back that money? The American people. Why throw money at a product that the American people don't want (Ford, GM, Chrysler). The Auto and Banking Industry are private businesses. Why should my money pay for a private companies inability to turn a profit? Why reward failure and punish success?

Why does the Federal Government now have common stock in private banks?... which means they now have a vote in the companies business decisions.

Apparently Federal Government intervention did not help GM or Chrysler..check out their recent sales...

What is Big Brother's next target? Healthcare... Is the Obama administration running this country into the ground on purpose?

Glenn Beck yesterday during his television broadcast peppered his commentary with references to globalization..Obama as a puppet..I wonder if he has been watching the Obama Deception?

Did you know that 40 percent of American pay no taxes at all ?....Meanwhile 5 percent of Americans pay over half of the yearly collected taxes. The reason this should infuriate you is that close to half of Americans don't pay taxes. That means they earn an extremely low income or choose not to work at all and are dependent on such programs as: Tenncare, Food Stamps, Government Housing, Social Security, Medicare, Disability (Did you know the condition Fibromyalgia or Bipolar qualifies you to receive a gubment check?), Safelink Wireless Cellphones - I'M NOT JOKING!

So Let's recap:

1. Out of control government spending
2. Money for political activist groups currently charged with voter fraud in multiple states...
3. Creation of bigger government
4. Labeling certain Americans who hold traditional values such as not killing babies, a right to be armed and enjoyment of freedom of speech under some old piece of parchment called the Constitution
5. More Americans become more dependent on the Federal Government for healthcare,etc which ensures a Democratic Landslide in the next election cuz nobody wants to lose their entitlements...i.e. their gubment check
6. Unwilling or naive Americans join a Domestic Volunteer Force (see my video on the dangers of Socialism or do their mandatory public service to instill in them a sense of Patriotism in the words of Rahm Emanuel or get a job for the Census not asking questions about American household members but walking door to door in neighborhoods and scanning YOUR FRONT DOOR to obtain GPS coordinates.
7. Continued potential threats to our rights of free speech and to bear arms... here's some interesting stories:
(about hurting people's feelings through blogs) (hate speech?) (this guy is an idiot) (assault weapons ban)

I meant for this entry to just be about out of control spending and Obama's laughable attempt to trim the budget by saving us 17 billion dollars.. But it's all connected... More to come...

check out this link to see the Alex Jones Film -The Obama Deception

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