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Invisible Children Revisited

Newest Response to Invisible Children Controversy:

The above video of mine is the proverbial snowball of this controversy. This was taken on a whim after our trip to the Campaign for Liberty Convention and during our investigation into the Georgia Guidestones. This details a subject I have blogged about before, concerning the charity group INVISIBLE CHILDREN.

As the snowball begins to roll down the hill and grow into a mammoth sized boulder of controversy, I'd like to make a couple of observations/clarifications...

  1. I am Anti-War. I am pro-peace. I am against Endless War and Preemptive Strikes. I don't think America should be the WORLD POLICE. Why do we still have bases in Germany and Japan? America has troops in over 140 countries. That should shock the average teenager/young adult who contributes financially to INVISIBLE CHILDREN.
  2. The dialogue in the video is said in a jesting and playful manner. This is because males tend to joke about serious subjects because they are uncomfortable to talk about or bring up. Previously, Barry and I had discussed this subject and the essay was probably two years old at that point. The suffering of the INVISIBLE CHILDREN is tragic and the money sent by Americans to aid them is donated by kind hearts. It is my grave concern that instead this money is drumming up support for America's next WAR or SKIRMISH in the guise of a PEACEKEEPING MISSION.
  3. This video was dormant on Youtube for approximately 1 month. It has shot up two hundred hits or so in two days. The power of the Internet to spread Alternative Ideas/Observations still fascinates me.

Check out the bees I unintentionally released into the bonnets of these guys:

Now some new revelations:


"Despite written BBB Wise Giving Alliance requests in the past year, this organization either has not responded to Alliance requests for information or has declined to be evaluated in relation to the Alliance’s Standards for Charity Accountability."


Read the comment from Livingstone:

"First of all as a person from Northern Uganda, I would like to thank you, the Martin County Children for your effort to assist the children of Northern Uganda.
How ever i am also sad to say that Organisation like 'Invisible children' have turned from caring organisations to Fraudulent and scam. The directors of Invisible children forgot what they stated back in 2005 and have now turned to greed. Only less than 25% of money they have been raising in the name of the children of Northern Uganda gets there to the children.
The directors of Invisible children have turned this money to become their very personal money. The directors now drive expensive cars and refer to themselves as Movie directors. They have been shunned by all international Northern Uganda associations in Canda, UK, Sweden and even in Sandiego USA.
Associations such as "acholi in diaspora"(canada) Acholi association(UK) Freinds for Peace in africa(USA). Peace in Northern Uganda group(Sweden). "Campaign to end genocide in Northern Uganada)(USA) and many more.
"invisible children' functions are boycotted by many ugandans who are aware that they recieved bribes from General Salim Saleh to focus the suffering of the Northern Uganda Children to the Rebels...rather than tell the whole truth that both the rebels and Uganda government ave comitted atrocities and Genocide againts the acholi people of Northern Uganda..
Northern Uganda members of parliament have added 'invisible children' to their list Of NGO's under investigation for fraud.
They have been requested to publicly declare their accounts since 2005 however untill today that has not been done.
Your contributions are better off being sent directly to the children in Northern Uganda rather than to enrich the directors of 'invisible children'
However we leave it to God to be the judge. Thank you and God bless all of you

Why the sudden noncompliance with the BBB and the lack of transparency? Is the money which is so selflessly given being used to for ulterior motives? Is Invisible Children a RACKET?


"Invisible Children has won $1 million as the winner of the Chase Community Giving contest on Facebook. However, this victory may come with a price, as the final days of the contest spurred accusations of voter fraud."


OR THE The LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act:

Senate Bill 1067-

"If the final bill passes Congress, it will then be sent to President Obama for a final signature. Once the President inks his name to the bill, it becomes law. That’s when his administration gets down to business developing the strategy to stop Kony, protect people from LRA attacks and help put northern Uganda on the path to permanent peace."

"President Obama’s signature on the legislation mandates that President Obama devise a plan within 180 days to help stop LRA violence and also take steps to assist communities in northern Uganda. But there is no guarantee that these plans will be adequate or effective. That’s why it remains critical that Americans of all stripes call for President Obama to take ending this crisis seriously, and for our government to take the steps that can actually help bring peace."

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but it seems that whomever wrote the above quotes doesn't think that some peaceful negotiations are going to be the solution...Reread the quotes and pay special attention to the italicized words (my doing).

Finally, a strange and seemingly contradictory statement was left as a comment on my youtube video:

"Sorry man, but when you said "a child army that's kidnapped, or something like that", all credibility went out the window. If you want to burn an organization, at least research enough so you can properly explain what they claim they're trying to do.Even if we are a front, which we are."

-Youtube Comment left by John Smithman 3/12/10

I know that this post will incite some anger and controversy. Before your fingers begin to type away in righteous indignation, realize who you are writing to. I am a Christian who takes his faith seriously. I pray for my enemies. I try to live the Beatitudes. I am pro-peace and anti-war. I am an RN. I care for the sick, poor, and needy on a daily basis. If I could somehow take all of those poor children into my household I would..But I resist the urge to give money simply to relieve my guilt for living in a prosperous country. I would feel even more dejected if I learned that my dollars, which only cost me time to earn them, somehow funded a peacekeeping mission which was a new Endless War in disguise. I know enough about recent American History and Events to comprehend that our Military Industrial Complex cannot promote or maintain peace via war and occupation.

I encourage anyone who has stuck around this long to read the following books:

'1984' George Orwell

'War is a Racket' Gen. Smedley D. Butler (free online version below..very short)

'A Foreign Policy of Freedom' Ron Paul (link below for purchase)


Who is Andrew Mwenda?

Mr Mwenda says that much of the money which comes from the international donor community "lines the pockets of civil servants, high end health workers and politicians".

Now, Mr Mwenda is speaking the truth! He is like an African Ron Paul!!!

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