Friday, March 19, 2010

Federal Reserve..the real currency manipulator

"A semi-annual U.S. Treasury report due in mid-April could label China a "currency manipulator," adding to pressure on Beijing and threatening a deepening rift between the world's biggest and third-biggest economies."

Chinese officials have given no ground, saying they will not waver in sticking to a stable exchange rate while asserting that their nation is being made a "scapegoat" for the United States' own economic woes ahead of Congressional mid-term elections.

The Federal Reserve is the REAL CURRENCY MANIPULATOR.
Private Banking Cartels have funded both sides of wars and basically dictate the political leaders appointment and decision via bribes, threats of inflation, and off shore banking.

The Federal Reserve via pulling the strings of the American Federal Govt. have stolen gold from the common people in 1933...taking away the hedge of protection that precious metals can be for paper money...leaving Americans set up for hyperinflation.

The Federal Reserve have destroyed this countries financial industry just as their previous incantations have in the past...Central banking has been a thorn in the side of Free Societies for ages...

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