Thursday, June 25, 2009

Glenn Beck is an Entertainer/Shock Jock..not a reporter of the Truth

The Glenn Beck show helped me along the road of enlightenment. If it wasn't for the show and the 4/15/09 Tea Parties I probably never would have read the Constitution, The Real Lincoln, or ever bothered to write my senator or state representatives. But something has been made clear to me. Glenn Beck is an Entertainer. He is a Shock Jock. He flip flops on issues. I was naive and I really thought the he was a rational and honest voice on FOX with a heart for America and for the truth...Apparently not...I have some previous blog posts demonstrating his habit to flip flop and contradict himself... But the following is some new information that just shocks and saddens me:

Glenn Beck- "I hate 9/11 victims' families"

Glenn Beck calls Ron Paul and his supporters Terrorists (back in 1997)?!!?

C'mon..Really? Ron Paul is a domestic terrorist? This is video of Glenn Beck using the term domestic terrorist before the Federal Govt. turns on it's people and uses that label on common citizens. Ron Paul is an intelligent gifted man, someone who believes in the Constitution, and an OB/GYN Physician. He doesn't look to threatening to me.. And if you take time to actually LISTEN to his viewpoints and his ideals they are conservative, rational, and reflect the thinking of our forefathers who drafted the Constitution. Apparently, Glenn Beck is someone's mouthpiece and is a puppet just like Obama. Someone has been lining his pockets with dollars for a long time...Don't trust this guy...If you want news and informed viewpoint scour the internet or check out some of the sites I have listed...


This is just fun and games for Glenn Beck...I no longer respect him... I think he is capitalizing on the increasing distrust of the Federal Govt and the growing Libertarian/Constitutionalist Movement and laughing all the way to the bank with your hard earned money that you willfully give to him in exchange for bias flavor of the moment right wing truth.

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